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Available Adults....

We "occasionally" have adults available for approved homes and we prefer locally. We live in the North Jefferson area (twenty minutes north of downtown B'ham, AL. of Alabama). Please keep in mind, these have been our family members and we're in no rush. If interested, please call us or email us and let us know more about you, your set up, experience with dachshunds (desired but not required) or dogs, etc. When rehoming a dog, much love, patience, consistency and time are required. Time, being their time of how long it will take for them to adjust. Our dogs are not use to cats and are use to sleeping in a crate at night or when we leave to run errands. They are also use to a fenced yard, having playmates and someone home most of the time. They can be adapted to an apartment as we've seen this work beautifully. We ask you have realistic expectations, not compare to any other dachshund you've previously have had because each are unique. Our dachshunds are spayed/neutered, health checked, teeth cleaned,etc. before leaving our care. The charge is the vet cost of the above for around $350. We must have a personal interview in our home where you can see and interact with the adult dog of interest. If it shouldn't work out, we require that you bring the adult back to us unless other arrangements have been made and met with our approval. They're ALWAYS welcome back to us.