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We live twenty minutes north of downtown Birmingham, in a small rural town surrounded by country all around. With CVD 19 going on, we are taking every precaution necessary and will be glad to FaceTime with you, if you would like to view our pups of interests. What a wonderful day of technology and that we're able to do so. We're hoping and praying this CVD 19 will lessen in severity over the next few weeks. I (and my family)take the care of your pups seriously, have the acreage and wonderful back yard to begin their house training and playtime outdoors, in the fresh air and sunshine, as all doggies (and their humans) need daily. 
"This too, shall pass."

Also, remember that the Shaded Creams are born a charcoal grey color and get lighter to the beautiful golden cream coat, by one year of age and a little older. Feel free to read the "About English Creams" below. Thank you!

In consideration of everyone, deposits are non-transferable to another pup unless discussed with me ( and done one time),​ there's an available pup or something happened to the pup on hold while in our care. All pups on hold must be chosen by 5 weeks of age and deposits placed down.

Due to trouble with checks in the past, we only take cash when your pup is being picked up. If a check is offered, your pup will not be going home with you. Please plan ahead and we do take PayPal for Deposits but be sure to add 4% for the fee to use it unless using the Family/Friends option. Thank you! 

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Gretyl and Ollie's Litter
Born: March 10, 2020
Ready for homes: May 12, 2020 week
Photos to come (or by request via text-serious inquirers only)

Pup 1: Black/Cream Dapple Shorthaired Miniature Male
Pup 2: Shaded Red or Cream (?) Shorthaired Miniature Male (the runt and waiting to see how he will do)
Pup 3: Shaded Cream Shorthaired Miniature Female
Pup 4: Shaded Cream Longhaired Miniature Female (Hold)

Gretyl: Black/Cream Dapple Smooth haired Miniature Female- 9 lbs.

Gretyl/Ollie Litter Info...

Ollie: Clear Cream Longhaired Miniature Male: 10 lbs

Bama and Bear's Litter
Born: March 15, 2020
Ready for homes: May 17, 2020 week
Photos to come (and by request via text for serious inquirers only)

Pup 1: Red Longhaired Miniature Female
Pup 2: Red Longhaired Miniature Male

Bama-Red Longhaired Miniature Female-12 lbs.

Bama and Bear's Litter Info....

Bear-Shaded Cream Longhaired Miniature Male- 10 lbs.

Melly and Ollie's Litter:
Due March 26, 2020

Gracie and Bear's Litter
Due: April 2, 2020 week
Ready for homes: Mid June