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Prospective Puppy Owner Questionnaire


 Thank you for your interest in our dachshund family. We ask that you take some time to read over the Prospective Owner Questionnaire so we can assist you in making the best decision for you as a prospective owner and for one of our pups or adult dogs you may adopt. It is a privilege to help our owner's select the best-possible new family member, so there may be many years of joy to come. You're welcome to Copy/Paste and fill out to give us. We thank you!

* How many dachshunds have you previously owned?

* What do you like most about the breed?

* What challenges do you anticipate in adopting your pet?

* Is your puppy or adult dog being purchased as a gift or surprise for anyone? If yes, who?

* How many adults are in your home?

* Are all adults in agreement to purchase a puppy?

* Do you have other pets? 

* How many hours a day are you available to be with a dog?

* Where will the dog spend most of its waking time?

* Will your dog be an inside or outside dog?

* Where will the dog sleep?                      Do you have a fenced yard?

* Would you be comfortable with sending photos of your home and yard or having us visit if we request (odd request for some but thank you for your understanding, as we're protecting our pups or adult dogs from getting into the wrong hands such as a puppy mill or irresponsible breeders)?

* Are there minors in your household? If so, are you able to supervise and educate their interaction with your dog?

* Does anyone in your household have animal allergies or asthma?   Are there any special activities you'd like to enjoy with your dog?

* Is there a particular pup or adult dog you're interested in? If so, please let us know the name of the pup.

* What is your preferred age, sex and weight?

* What is your preferred coat? Long or Short?

* What is yourpreferred color? Black/Cream, Clear Cream English Shaded Cream, "American" Red (lighter red, little or no shading), 
   Black/Tan, Red, Chocolate/Tan, Chocolate/Cream, Mahogany Red?
* Preferred Pattern? Dapple, Piebald, Sable?

* What's your ideal temperament of your prospective pup or adult dog?  When would you like to have this dog?  Are there any other things you
   would like for us to know about your ideal dog?

* Are you aware of the importance of vaccinating your pup once he/she leaves our care and following a protocol of preventatives?
    Extra care needs to always be taken with young pups, from birth to 18 weeks of age. 


* Who will be primarily responsible for caregiving?                                                  Do you have a Veterinarian you want to work with?

* How do you plan to train your new pup or adult dog?                                             Preferred potty-training- yard, pad, leash?

* Preferred food for your dog?

* Are you planning to microchip your puppy? We do not provide microchiping as we have found most people rather have their own vet do this in the area they live in. Please be aware of the dangers collars post to puppies when left in a metal crate (they can hang themselves accidentally). 

* What preventatives are recommended for your local area?

* Would you be potentially interested in breeding your pup? 
   Please note: All canines are placed without breeding rights, unless explicitly contracted in advance (approved homes) and no AKC papers
   are provided until proof of spay/neuter certificate from a certified veterinarian is shown. AKC Full Breeding rights are $2,000 and up. 

* Would you be willing to give us a follow-up reports about your pup or adult dog from time-to-time?

* Do you have any other comments, questions or concerns you'd like to share with us?

* May we ask how you heard about us?

PLEASE be aware of the patience, time and to not have high expectations of the puppy or adult dog training process. We highly recommend taking off from work (if possible) the first week you bring your pup home. This is similar to bringing a newborn human baby home. Have a plan (schedule around your schedule), playpen, crate, pup bed, pee pads, chew toys, food/water bowls and stuffed toys ready. We suggest a camera as well (if it's possible) and please give your pup a calm, warm (draft free), quiet and relaxing place this first week. Taking him/her out in public right off is highly discouraged, as he/she will be tired and anxious due to the change. Their immune system is very fragile at this time, which makes them vulnerable to getting sick. We also recommend not taking your puppy outside to public parks,etc. until 18 weeks minimum. Each dog is different (just as humans) on how they respond to training. It's a matter of you figuring out what your pup/adult dog is like or becoming as they grow and develop or adjust to their new home. Many frustrations that we humans ever have with our pets, is usually due to human error and NOT the puppy/dog! It can take a long time for the adjustment and for some, it's right away. They tend to be needy (may whine and cry out loudly for hours even), want to be assured and reassured, held and loved, but you also need to teach them that they're ok when you must leave or put them down. Around 12 weeks to 10 months of age, as their hormones start to become a factor during this growth period, they hit what we call "the teenage stage" where they may show out more, test the boundaries, go through separation anxiety, bite/chew, etc. The key is low expectations, patience and understanding, having a predictable routine, being the pack leader and giving them experiences with humans of all ages, in little increments. Never let the puppy bite your hands and feet without a firm "NO" each and every time. When that happens, immediately direct the puppy to what they can chew and praise them when they chew what they're suppose to chew. He/She doesn't know the difference until they are taught. Puppies get pent up energy just like children/teens do and need to be able to release that energy through fun play and a little leash walk outside (where you always lead them and not let them lead you).   Please read up on the dachshund breed and what's required of them and you, before you come home with your new dog. Establish who the pack leader is on coming home, a routine, harness leash training right away or clicker training and lots of praise when they earned it. We love to watch Caesar Milan- The Dog Whisperer among others on You Tube, on any subject of puppy/dog training. Thank you for being aware, as we want your experience to be fun and rewarding. By being aware, prepared and flexible, both you and the puppy will find that you're less stressed in the long run. This first year is a big year for you both and setting the foundation for the rest of his/her life. Thank you again!