Purchasing/Adoption Process.....


   To hold a pup of your choosing, we require a $200 non-refundable deposit. WE DO NOT TAKE CHECKS FOR FINAL PAYMENT when picking your pup up. A heads up, if a check is offered for payment at final pick up, your pup will not go home with you. We're sorry for any inconvenience but due to some trouble in the past with bad checks, we can no longer do so. However, you may send a check that must clear 3 days before coming to pick your pup up. We do take PayPal and it does charge a 4% fee for its use. This deposit is your guarantee that I will not place the puppy of your choice with someone else and an agreement that you will sign a contract for and be committing to adopt the puppy you chose. Our puppies range in price from $975 and up to $1500, Pet Only Price. A deposit is only refundable if a puppy is not available for you or something happens to the puppy while in our care. We take PayPal or cash and our prices are non-negotiable. To place a deposit on PayPal, please make it to harper66@bellsouth.net and there is a 4% fee you need to add for its use. The remaining balance is due in cash when you pick up your puppy (which is around 8-9 weeks or when they're ready). 

As stated on the About Us page, we offer a one year health guarantee against "life threatening" genetic defects which is to be determined by two veterinarians (yours and ours). This does not cover communicable diseases in which the puppy caught in the new owner's care (things can be walked into your home where the puppy may  walk) or unforeseen health issues that are non-life threatening. Veterinary care is part of the responsibility and privilege of dog ownership from the time adoption of a pup or adult dog goes home. The buyer has three days (excluding weekend days the vet is not open) in which to have their pup examined to see if there are any concerns. We highly recommend Pet Insurance before you bring your puppy home (there are some Pet Insurance companies that offer a free trail which is good to sign up before bringing your pup/dog home) and not exposing a puppy to dog parks, unfamiliar or unclean yards, vet clinics for boarding purposes, pet supply stores/public places until all vaccinations have been complete (18 weeks and beyond). It's vital to ask your veterinarian's office if any patients with highly contagious illnesses were in the clinic that day and possibly wait till another day or ask staff if they'll do what's necessary to meet you outside for thier shots. Always, closely monitor your pup/dog after a vaccination shot and have Benedryl on hand in case of a local reaction. We give the 5 way puppy vaccine at 6,9,12 and 16 weeks, booster at 12 mos. PLEASE ask you vet about the Lepto shot for 12 weeks and beyond (this is many times determined in the area you live in...western part of the U.S. especially) but not to be given at the same time the other vaccines are given, so as to not make them less effective. We provide and require a contract signing, vaccinations/deworming records or any vet records before our pups leave our care. We do not knowingly sell our pups to pet stores or what we call an industry/puppy mill/unethical breeder or give full breeding rights to those who are not under the watch of AKC. If you would like to have your dog DNA tested, we can provide that through Optimal Selection by Wisdom Panel and the cost is $150. Thank you!

We do not ship our puppies ordinarily unless otherwise stated. On occasion and we're able to, we can drive to meet for pup pick up but no further than 60 miles away (unless discussed and agreed on another arrangement) and for a fee of $75. You may choose to fly here, pick your pup up and have it fly on on board with you or we may be able to fly to you! You will need a health certificate in order to fly and a crate will need to be pre ordered and shipped to my home so that I may begin training your pup in the crate he/she will go home in. Price can be discussed. Thank you!

Our puppies go home around 8-9 weeks of age if they're ready to go. Any pups requested to stay beyond 10 weeks of is $20 a day for boarding, but your pup must be picked up no later than 12 weeks of age. A date will be set for pup pick up once your puppy is chosen. Any pups unsold that are available and under our care, are worked with on crate training, pee pad training, potty/house training (in a cleaned area of our yard starting at 10-12 weeks old) and clicker training (obedience training in come, sit, stay,etc.). Once the pup is sold and goes to his new home, it's like hitting a reset button and starting over but at least he's been introduced to the pee pad and yard already.
Thank you! :)

"Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring-it was peace." Milan Kundera

The Dachshund Personality

Adoption Process Summary...

Our Guarantee

1.Select the available pup of your choice, or decide on the kind of puppy you would like to reserve, go over our Potential Owner Application. Email or call us for information on the pup of interest, tell us a little about you (using Potential Owner Application as a guide).

2. Once we've received your email or call, you may place a $200 deposit to hold the available pup of interest. Keep in mind, others may be looking at the same pup and it's a first come/first serve basis. You may send to PayPal and I'll provide the email to send it to.

3. A few days before your pup's rehoming date, we'll discuss a day and time of pup pick up. If the pup is being shipped, we'll attain a Health Certificate from a USDA Accredited Veterinarian required in order to ship and you'll receive a copy of this and your contract for you to sign. If picking up here, we will have you sign our contract, give you your pup's AKC Limited Registration papers (if they have not arrived, we wlll include the guarantee of it's arrival to you as soon as we receive them), health records, pup food and discuss with you his/her schedule.  
* Comprehensive, Up To Date

* A Record of Healthcare and
   And Prevention

* American Kennel Club
   (AKC) Registration and
   Pedigree (on request)

* Limited Lifetime Warranty

* An Extensive Support and
   Care Information 
   (Contract Signing)

* One Year Health Guarantee
   Against Life Threatening
   Genetic Defects

* Food With Your Puppy
   Care Pack
* Big dog disposition in a small body.

* Intensely loyal- will stick by your side at all 

* Super affectionate and loving to his own

* Easy to keep, low-shedders.

* Great guard/watch dogs and you'll always
   know when something is up and when 
   someone is approaching the house or coming
   inside. The are cautious initially and others 
   should respect that and not approach them 
   but let them approach first. 

* Variety of energy levels for doing many things.

* Will defend loved one with their life.

* Appropriately cautious with strangers but 
   find when their owners are around and ok 
   with company, they're ok with the company. 
   They warm up quickly.