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Bountiful Dachshunds

Reserved Puppies
We will be closed December 22-26, 2018. Pups must be picked up before these dates accept for Bella's, as they will not be ready until days after Christmas. We will answer emails, texts,calls and inquirees after the 26th so we can spend this time with our family. Thank you!

Destiny-Reserved for Natalie

Mallory-Reserved for Kelly B.

Desi-Reserved for Rachel

Ethan-Reserved for Freedom W.

Daisy: Reserved for Rae Marie M.

Duffy-Reserved for Joey and Amy

Benson-Reserved for Julie and John

Dexter-Reserved for Theresa

Benny-Reserved for Kristy S.

Bailey-Reserved for Fred S.

Evan-Reserved for Garret

Ellie- Reserved for Beau

Teddy-Reserved for Julie and John