Reserved Puppies

We are taking deposits now to hold the pup of your choosing! We update photos and every two weeks as we can, as puppies do not like posing and our first responsibility is to their care and our dachshunds care. We will accomodate photo updates and texts for information  during business hours only and as we can, as our first responsibility is to our dogs/puppies and our family. We are glad to set up an appointment for folks to see the pup of interest (serious inquirers only please) once pups are 4 weeks of age and if wanting to see them before then, we will take FaceTime appointments only, as visits disturbs the momma dogs and poses risks to the puppies. Thank you for your understanding! :)

Shaded Cream/Red Miniature Longhaired
​(Darcy/Bear Litter)
On Hold for Bethany

Shaded Cream Miniature Longhaired Male
(Darcy/Bear Litter)
On Hold for Serena

Please Note Business Hours:
For answering texts, calls, appts and puppy pick up.
Monday-Friday: 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM-12:00 PM (Pup Pick Up Only)
Sunday: Closed