Upcoming Litters for 2020

Sophie and Bear's Litter born 1/9/2020.
Waiting List begun. 

Ellie and Ollie (not pictured yet) when Ellie comes into season. Shaded Creams and possible Clear Creams in Longhaired's.

Gretyl and Ollie (when Gretyl comes into season)-Shaded Creams, Black/Creams in Dapple and Solids.
Bred and if they took, their pups will be due in March.

Nora and Bear are expecting in January.
Possible Shaded Creams and a Clear Cream.
Pups born 1/1/2020 
Three Clear Cream Males
1 Black/Cream Female
1 Shaded Cream Male
 2 Shaded Cream Female


We carefully plan out and select each and every breeding, making sure our mother's are healthy and ready for their breeding and that they're bred to the right male. Health, conformation and dispositions of the parents are very important, with the goal in mind of producing puppies with fantastic dispositions, conformation and great health. 
We can never guarantee size, as dachshunds originally came from the standard size dachshund to begin with but we can pretty much give you an "estimate" size of what they will be as adults from the weight we have at the time we have them. Ordinarily, two miniature parents produce miniature puppies but we have seen some produce tweenies and in rare circumstances, a small standard size. We've seen a Standard Dachshund and a Miniature Dachshund produce an unusually small Miniature Dachshund whose adult weight was 5-6 lbs. grown. Again, we can give a pretty good estimate size around 5-6 weeks of age and we'll do the best we can to give you the size you are seeking, as we understand that some people specifically need a smaller size due to health reasons of their own. 

Waiting List:
This list contains names of those interested in being contacted about future litters for those interested in a variety of coats, colors/patterns. It's not set in stone and is on a first come/first serve basis. Meaning, whomever places a deposit once the pup of their preferred choice is born, is guaranteed the puppy will be held for them. Thank you!

Jennifer C.
Shaded Cream Female Long Haired  (Gretchen's Female)
Sarah S.
 Shaded Cream Female Long Haired