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Upcoming/Planned Litters for 2019/2020 

We have selectively bred the following males and females and if all goes well, they will be due to be born in September-October, due for homes from late November to mid December and some as late as January.  Each home and situation is different but we highly recommend pups who aren't ready till the week before or week of Christmas, be taken home before or after Christmas holidays due to the fact pups need to be in a calm (and warm) environment when coming home and not passed around to company,etc. What's best for the puppy is what's important. In the past, we've had families put a photo of the puppy wrapped in a box or put into a stocking and then when the big day comes, they venture out to come here to get their new family member.:)
The goal is to make this a wonderful experience for all and make sure the puppy is happy and healthy. Pups must be allowed to get adequate rest as they sleep A LOT and to adjust to their new home slowly. Keep in mind, all pups that are not through with their vaccinations, are more fragile and can get sick due to their immune system lowering due to nervousness and all the changes in their environment. Their immune system is stronger by 18 weeks of age, so care must be taken to not take them out in public (except to the vet). Thank you for your understanding.:)

Annabelle and Winston's Litter was born 10/30/19. They had two longhaired Black/Tan or Cream Males.

Darcy and Bear have bred and are due in October. Expected colors are Shaded Cream, Black/Cream and some possible piebalds.

Lady and Winston's pups were born 10/30/19. They had two males and one female in Red Long Haired's and possibly Black/Tan Longhaired. Female Red is pending.


We carefully plan out and select each and every breeding, making sure our mother's are healthy and ready for their breeding and that they're bred to the right male. Health, conformation and dispositions of the parents are very important, with the goal in mind of producing puppies with fantastic dispositions, conformation and great health. 
We can never guarantee size, as dachshunds originally came from the standard size dachshund to begin with but we can pretty much give you an "estimate" size of what they will be as adults from the weight we have at the time we have them. Ordinarily, two miniature parents produce miniature puppies but we have seen some produce tweenies and in rare circumstances, a small standard size. We've seen a Standard Dachshund and a Miniature Dachshund produce an unusually small Miniature Dachshund whose adult weight was 5-6 lbs. grown. Again, we can give a pretty good estimate size around 5-6 weeks of age and we'll do the best we can to give you the size you are seeking, as we understand that some people specifically need a smaller size due to health reasons of their own. 

Waiting List:
This list contains names of those interested in being contacted about future litters for those interested in a variety of coats, colors/patterns. It's not set in stone and is on a first come/first serve basis. Meaning, whomever places a deposit once the pup of their preferred choice is born, is guaranteed the puppy will be held for them. Thank you!

Jennifer C.
Shaded Cream Female Long Haired  (Gretchen's Female)
Sarah S.
 Shaded Cream Female Long Haired